Yet another Charging question but different

Hey guys I picked up this gem car last night and when I plug it in the charger just beeps. I know the previous owner left it uncharged for 3 months. Do I need to disconnect that batteries and charge them individually with a 12V charger or can I leave them as they are wired.

Any advice will be MUCH appreciated


Ok so I replaced all the batteries today and the car run pretty well top speed is about 27 mph not to bad. I am concerned that the drive on the car is very noisy, clunky, and at about 20 mph there’s, what almost sounds like an axle shaft slipping on the splines, but only for a second…I put a floor jack under the front of it and spun the wheel and the half shafts sound fine. The axles seem to be sloppy at the diff lots of play. Is this normal?

Were you sure the old batteries were actually bad? The noise may be the transaxle input shaft. These wear and start to sli under load. Another possibility is CV joints. Marlon is the source for internal transmission parts on this forum.