Charger issues/ interlock?

I have a 2015 gem . Batteries were dusted , changed with same gel batts. New main fuse, and rebuilt charger by fsip. Charger will not come in with any lights . Has 120 volts to it . I can turn cart on even while cord is plugged in and it shows no connection to charger on dash. If I charge up batts ind to peak, the display only shows about 60% or so. Even if I try to set SOC meter to 100%. When doing that it puts me at 204 program for SOC I believe. Could it be the interlock causing both issues?

Sounds like a bad rebuild on the charger. Send it back. Once that’s fixed see if the other stuff goes away.

Have you had a similar experience before ?

If ac power doesn’t boot the charger (led on) then it’s dead. Check for ac power at the stubby iec plug going into charger.

Yes that’s where I confirmed. Closest I Could get without opening charger .

And no lights?..
A good charger will always boot up with led sequence when powered from ac. Even on the bench with nothing connected.

10-4 on that . I guess fsip going to try again.
What about the battery bar at 60% or so.? Green wire not resetting properly maybe ? Thanks

Yes, related to charger.
If they can’t fix it. Send it to me or @LithiumGods. We can wire and program a new charger for you to fit Gem.

Good rebuild did the trick, thanks for the help!