NO power, interlock?

2005 Gem EL with long bed.
There is no power or display in system screen or function.
Known variables:
Was working just fine. It rained for about a week while it sat outside.
After rain it would not turn on as described above.
The battery is 20s Bolt pack which has been charged since rain and shows ~80 Volts
This voltage is present at the terminal under dash. No voltage beyond that.
The battery is being charged externally and not using the onboard QuiQ Charger.
I thought maybe there was an interlock issue where running the battery down without running the charger would prevent power in the way charging does. Powered charger indicator runs as normal indicating full charge.
Still no power. Thoughts?

This voltage is present at the terminal under dash. No voltage beyond that.

This sounds about normal at this time. Your ~80v should stop at the Main contactor.

Some things to test-

  • If you drop the brake with key OFF do you get the solid beep? (being a 2005 this may not be a valid test)

  • Check your DC-DC Converter for output. You should have 12v unswitched on pins 9 & 10. The relay in the PSDM will supply power to pin 3 when key is switched ON.
    If you supply 12 to p3 it will kick in the switched output and the dash should light up.

  • The power for the key comes from Fuse F9 (12v)

  • If your charger is missing the interlock may already be bypassed? The green wire needs B+ for the car to run. Without, it would leave a little charge light on the dash.

Remember pre-charge. I believe 2005 will precharge through the coil.
Should have power both sides of coil. Not getting B+ to coil yet I presume?

Remember pre-charge. I believe 2005 will precharge through the coil.

I wasn’t ready to go there just yet. Looking at this diagram I don’t see precharge happening until key relay closes. This diagram does have it’s issues tho. I will go out and poke at mine and see if it sneaks in from the coil (but I have a 09 car).

Now that I stare at it a bit a good test would be to verify that the Key relay is functioning by releasing brake with Key OFF (you should get a steady beep).
This verifies B+(72v) into the PSDM and present on F13.

Then switching Key ON (Brake OFF) will silence the beep. This verifies 12v power is still present and going through key and function of the Key Relay in the PSDM. If this is true then Precharge happens on P1 and P2 on the controller. The main relay doesn’t clunk until pedal down.

Why are you charging it with a external charger? Has something happened to the onboard charger? Is the onboard charger still present or did you disconnect it?

Did this Bolt pack drop low during the rains? How low did it go?

Thank you for the feedback. Let me go through the list here and then follow back with you.

Yes E brake does buzz when released with main switch on. It does not turn off with key. Key cylinder has been continuity tested and it is functioning as it should. There is no 12v present. The contact switch has ~80 v. Nothing on the relay side, no voltage or continuity. I will have to remove the voltage converter to get to the pins because the plug does not seem to want to come out. Perhaps corrosion? The onboard charger is functional but not programmed with a lithium profile. This is why I am charging externally. The interlock (green wire) has voltage. As this is a 4 wire charger (anode, cathode, sensor and interlock) I assume this means it is functioning as designed… So bad converter or connection at the converter perhaps?

Y- The car needs 12v to get things clicking.
Try poking around in the fuse panel before removing the Converter?

Have you verified that your charger is one of the non-programmable types?

Kinda sounds like a flakey DC/DC converter - I have seen crazier.

Y- I don’t think that plug is very waterproof.
I think the recent rain is a key factor.

More information. As there is no 12volt to be found I powered the 12v switched power with a small fused battery and the display comes on when switched. The cart does function like this and as was before the battery indicator displays one red bar of battery the brake light indicator is faint (no buzzer) and no error codes. There is ~80v going to the converter but this is present with or without key turned on. Charger plug in indicator comes on when interlock wire is unplugged and goes away when connected. So… still could be something preventing voltage from going to converter?

I also tested with the external 12v battery bringing + voltage to the blue switch wire while grounding on the converter plug this did not bring any results.

This is exactly what I was going to suggest next just to check things out.
Powering the unswitched leg should wake the car when key goes ON, but you should also hook the switched leg up also to finish powering up the 12 circuits. You might be getting some minor backfeed somewhere causing the odd behavior.

Leaving both legs energized at key OFF may also produce some odd results.

Did you get the connector pulled out of the Surepower unit? Look for roached contacts.

All Contacts are super clean. I think I am going to swap in the integrated charger I have on hand. I guess my only question would be what are your thoughts regarding the faint brake light indicator and the SOC indicator resolution.

The SOC may be just confused and probably needs a reset.
Faint brake light? - the one on the display? We can track that down later. Again, that might be a bad ground or a back feed through something not related.

One problem at a time.
I will scroll back up and review to see if I missed something.

Fixed the SOC, Waiting on the 12 pin connector to give some room for connections I will be making.

Have you decided to replace the DC Converter? It sure sounds like it is dead. I’m not sure why rain would kill it (other than a bad input connection). Those things are fairly sealed up.

I’m also under the impression they are also fairly stout. I don’t hear that they fail very often.

As long as you are sure you have ~72v going in, You should be getting ~12v out on the unswitched pins.

They actually fail pretty often - well not often but alot - well you know…
I think I have replaced 10 to 15 in my few years of working with GEM’s .

While the connections looked clean the converter smells charred. So I am going with it in hope that is the solution. Especially since I have the other combo charger unit. I just pulled the non programmable charger.

The wire connections as I have installed using a Delta QuiQ Charger with onboard voltage converter on a 2005 Gem system.