GEM 2012 reset charger?

I have a 2012 gem car that needed new batteries, I bought new batteries, now the charger will not work, no light coming on the charger. I used 850 cold crank amp batteries, It ran the car great until it need to be charged. someone said I need to change setting on the charger, any help would be great!

Nothing you can do or settings should cause “no lights” symptom.
Check 120vac circuit and the iec ac power plug pigtail feeding charger.
One of the leads that may be disconnected looks like a large wire lug, but is a sensor which connects to a battery terminal. It is needed for proper charging, but will not stop lead charger from booting.

Yes check the plug that comes from the back of the hood that plugs into the charger. Sounds like your not getting 110 to the charger. Most chargers at least light up to flash you a error code.

If he didn’t have the Lug hooked up at the battery the charger will still fire up it would just end up in a error code.

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