Gem car

When I try to charge my Gem car for the first time this season all I get is a beeping sound and red light indicator on display. New batteries last year. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!

I hope you kept them charged all winter? If not, problems can occur especially if they freeze depending on your location.

Do I have to tell you the truth? LOL…So is the beeping and red indicator light indicative of dead battery/batteries?

Assuming you did not keep them charged over the winter I’d start by checking the fluid levels in each battery and top off if necessary (assuming they aren’t AGM or GEL). If they are flooded lead acid (FLA) and you can get the caps off, I’d use a cheap hygrometer (available at any auto parts store) and measure the specific gravity of each cell looking for any that are really abnormally low. I’d next put a voltmeter on each battery to see what each one reads. If any one battery is “suspiciously low” compared to the rest, it’s probably toast. I’d next charge each battery individually using a standard 12v auto battery charger (depending on the charger amps rating either overnight or a couple of hours per battery) to try to bring them back up to something near a normal charge (12.5+v). You might have to cycle through the pack a couple of times to make this work. Once you’ve done that, try running the regular onboard charge process.

Good luck.


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the advice…sounds like I’ve got a little project on my hands! I’ll let you know how it goes… I really appreciate the advice.

The Polaris/GEM website has the procedure:

This info was very very helpful…been working on it today…hopefully success by tomorrow. THANKS AGAIN

Charged all batteries…lights working so have good charge but getting a code - 15 and high pitched ringing sound when I turn the key on. Press on “gas” pedal and nothing. Your thoughts?

Code 15 is low voltage. Check all connections for bright and tight. check charge on all batteries. After you manually charged all batteries You need to let the on board charger do it’s thing. Can take up to 8 hours. When it cuts off you will read 80+ volts. After a couple of hours for the surface charge to dissipate you should read 76+ volts.

So… What Happened??? I hate it when people leave you hanging… Did you find a bad battery? bad connection? other problems? :noidea: