WTB Tomberlin Anvil NEV LSV

Let me know if you see an Anvil for sale.
Need one for testing.
Prefer the year that used Kinetek controller. “big blue box”

image s-l400-35

Does your new Orange on have the Blue Controller?

It’s under a cover, but everything looks the same.
On to the next one. Maybe yellow this time. :slight_smile:

Expecting the worst, looked under the seat for corrosion.
Brand new clean 12v batteries. CR-GC150 x 6MVC-005F

That’s why he held firm on price, Must have just put $1k in it.
Maybe I’ll put these in my Miles truck to sell it.
miles zx40

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You Miles truck looks exactly like this one. I always thought those things were cool.

You know, that may be the same truck. My drivers door was dented by a pipe falling against the window. Hard to see for sure in the picture. I replaced the door on mine.
Very nice truck. I’ve been trying to sell without batteries, which is tough.
It’s nice to have around. My 2018 Gem trucks are too nice to use as trucks.

Is there something wrong with that statement? LOL

Out of sheer curiosity, how much are you selling it for?

$2500 without batteries. I have $2000 lto in it for testing which would make it tough to sell.

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Sounds like a fair price to me. They look a bit more durable.

I have an 2010 Anvil for sale with that controller in it.

Pm sent , please check it