Newer Tomberlin chassis and parts

Rolling chassis parts.
Wheels, steering, brakes, coil over, 19spline dif, tubs, andbattery trays.
From R&D, possibly new models.
One ac motor and Sevcon controller add $1k

I guess that first one addresses the “how hell do I see were im going” while drifting question quite well.

What have you gotten yourself into this time @Inwo - LOL

There were a few 48v sevcon, one motor, 4 chargers, and a few dc-dc. Couldn’t decide what i wanted, so got them all. Only two hrs away at Tomberlin Reedsburg Wi.

Coil overs may be useful. I can measure cc of eyes.
New gems could use the tubs maybe. Freebies.

Fun project for the pmac motors. No?
Or just a test mule.
Can be much less money. Haven’t looked them over much.
How about rear wheel drive for classic gems?
With easy steer front end. Tomberlin geometry rules.

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I need a bigger garage

Do you have any set up that you would sell for me to repower my Anvil? Thanks Harold

The cars are less electrics.
The Kinetek motor in the Anvil is the motor I would use for high performance. It will run near 50mph.
The Pmac would be loads of fun if 35-40 is fast enough.

Did someone ask about building a dolly?

Could you give me any help on anvil with a kinetek kcca 0087-b throwing a 1-7 code? Thanks Harold

I have sw and one dongle. Can only sell it to someone buying a pallet of new controllers.
No time to learn it myself. If you can talk a long time member into helping you, I will lend with deposit.
We can program a Sevcon controller to work with your motor. About $1500.

  1. Throttle wiper values and fs1 active high or active low
  2. Custom settings. Regen, D1 and D2
  3. Wire F-R switches to active low.

Motor connections are same as our conversions. Encoder and thermistor.
MikeKc may build you a pcb to use all your wiring if you can meter out the pins at controller. It’s the same wiring as our classic Gem conversion.

Illinois? Can you bring it to Mn. 55941?