350a 72v 24s lifepo4 ac motor controllers

Finally found programming sw for these.
Partial pallet left after selling all the Kinetek 8kw motors.
These are of no value to me without time to learn new programming.
Only one programming cable available.
Buy all for $100 each.
These are NOS from “MyCar” factory . USA made. (I believe)
Go into business with @ScottyD AC motor supply.
Sell a few on Ebay for $350 but some got returned for lack of sw.
I’m guessing at least 20 left. In deep storage. :slight_smile:

Oem in some Fairplay and all Tomberlin Anvil’s.
Easily sell for $1k if cloned for Anvil.
I may have a non-functional Anvil Kinetek controller here.

Kinetek controller