Wtb Tomberlin Anvil

Looking to buy a Tomberlin Anvil.
908 380 4237

Sold a few last year. Getting hard to find.
One went to an end user in Miami, but two went to a dealer in Fla.
He is selling one as-is and one customized. I believe he had a couple other ones too.
South Walton Carts

Thank you. I’ll reach out to him. If you come across another, please let me know.

Think I may have found one to buy. Is the tomberlin anvil able to.be upgraded to lithium as well? Has anyone had any experience with that upgrade.

I’m your guy.
Lithium is easy, being it’s a 72v car and uses the same big Kinetek motor used in my Gem conversions.
A 20s Bolt battery gave me 50 mile range at near highway speeds of 40-50 mph.
It was designed as a road worthy vehicle but could not meet standards.

I love these cars, had 3 of them, but not practical for myself. I sold them for more that I could justify keeping them.
The black 50mph Bolt powered went to Fl. Sold for about $10k. Now I see them for up to $20k


What does the lithium battery setup for the anvil cost? What else has to be swapped to make it work, or is it just the batteries? Thank you for your help in advance.


Yes, just the batteries.
I don’t have anything that I know fits.
$2500 if 24x15x7 would fit.

The Anvil gets delivered next week. I will let you know as soon as it arrives. Thank you for your help!



Thank you!

The battery you have now, is it similar to the ine that got you 50mph?


A little higher voltage but a little less capacity.
Working on a deal to by the cells which will make it a more flexible install.

Just to be clear. A battery won’t change the speed. They are limited to 25mph.


I emailed g
Him a while ago told me 20k when done.
He said he won’t go 19k. Just offered 17.5k cash he said no. Going to get the one I found in Fl for 7k on Wednesday. So what other upgrades do I have to do to get to 50 mphish?


As I don’t have sw for the Kinetek controllers, you need a new controller. He uses Curtis as he is familiar with golf cart Curtis programming.
I used the same Sevcon that we use in our Gem upgrades. You already have the big motor.
The switches, F, R, fs1, need to be rewired to the Sevcon inputs.
Anvil sends 72v to the controller inputs, active high, like the Gems.
Sevcon is active low.
There is no reason that our inverter pcb won’t work in the Anvil. It needs to be customized somewhat though.

We are in the market for an Anvil and I saw this thread. Are there any still out on the market that you all know of in FL?

Just a picture.

There is an orange one for sale in Fernandina Beach, FL. It needs alot of work and the wiring is bad.

Did you get your anvil to do 40+? my controller just went and maybe that’s the way to go?

The motor is the same one we use in our AC Gem conversions.
Mine went 50mph with a new Sevcon controller and Chevy Bolt battery.