Tomberlin 2008 E4 part deux 8kw motor

The R&T turned out so nice that I gutted my Tomberlin today.
Putting in either the same 48v Ranger controller or 72v Zone.
Leaning toward 72v. I have one dci charger left and a bunch of cheap Sevcon s4 80v.
Stay tuned.
Good Tomberlin motor and controller will be for sale.

Tomberlin uses ge sepex controller much like a Gem.
Our Gem kit and pcb should make it near plug and play.

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2 hrs in. Bolt battery prep with 400a smart bms and speedometer.


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Another 8 hrs to get it right. New model uses non-standard lead sequence for 16s connected to 20s bms.

If you do enough projects, sooner or later, one will fit.
The length of 16s Bolt, flange to flange, is exactly the id of my battery frame. Within a 1/16".

MVC-012F MVC-013F MVC-014F


No speedometer first try. App was set to a huge rolling radius.
Set count to 23 and tire to 485.
Speedometer works perfectly.
You will need to do the same.
Seeing the large numbers that were default in app, there is a slight chance that speedometer will work without using my scalar pcb.
However connecting a 6’ wire directly to encoder output can’t be good. :slight_smile:
My board has a couple inch leads and has a high cmos input impedance.

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