How about a Tomberlin section?

Quite a few were sold.
Believe they were bought out and in current production.

Nev not golf cart.

Hi Inwo

Many thanks for your post and for drawing these NEVs to my attention.

We have added a few sub-forums in the past and then interest has failed to ignite or dropped off. Can I suggest we all work together to get a few Tomberlin NEV threads going and if we can encourage others to post I will then look at a new sub-forum. I think it would do more harm than good for these NEVs if we added a new forum and it was quiet.

Hope this makes sense?



See if anyone finds me on here.

I will push any threads you add on social media and I am sure that will attract some interest. Once people find you they will be interested in your views and comments.

Converting Tomberlin E4 2008 car to lithium.

Tried a 44V Chevy pack with some success. Was only charged to 44v.
Seemed about the same as lead. Expected more, as it is 440lb lighter.

Next try was 66 volt pack. Could not get it to accept that much over volts.

Seemed ok to about 62v.

Now I have parallel 44v 47ah packs. Seemed to perk up quite a bit.

Test more tomorrow. Tired and clumsy . Shorted a wire to +48 from the key and blew control fuse. Stupid:rolleyes:stupid:rolleyes:stupid.