Green Wheel EVion

I finally got caught up on my day job. Now I was offered this EV car that was a lein sale at auction.
Only 19 km on the meter. Original everything including the SLA 12v 150ah x 6 batteries.
Started recon the bats and took a door lock to get keyed so I can get the ignition energized.
Anyone ever played with one of these?
Ac drive, Chinese controller and top speed 85kph.
The batteries may be coming to life.
I will know in the morning.
600lbs of battery. May switch to lithium if I can get it titled for the street 1st.
Hopefully as a NEV as there are no airbags and other DOT requirements.

Let me know anything?
@Inwo @MikeKC @Old_Houseboater @LithiumGods

Nothing not found on google.

I did find some info. They make ev buses too.
But nothing here in the USA yet.

never heard of it . sounds fun

I have been trying to recondition and charge these big bad batteries up and it seems like they’re finally coming to life after two days of conditioning and charging. Hopefully my locksmith will have luck making a key from the door lock I removed so I can energize the ignition without hot wiring

Michael, I hope I can register this as a NEV.
If so, I may convert it to the Bolt batteries.
I forgot the ah rating?

180ah . what charger is in it ?

It has a Chinese 120 volt 15 amp 72 vdc.
I has normal and balanced settings. Most likely will have to DQ change out.