WTB: Flatbed sides

I had a cab when I purchased my eM 1400 LSV, would like to find the 2 walls for either side & the tail-gate section.

On the fence about building my own out of wood, but I will if nothing available pops up, thanks!

Screenshot from 2023-12-22 20-59-43

Are you comitted to the stock steel sides?

Reason I ask, if you are interested, we have a polaris 570 efi (540?) at work with an injection blow mold bed, I think its the same size but I can measure it vs my eM1400 and see if that opens some more common part options for you. As you well know by now, eM’s aint that common…

I know, the little eM is the unknown bastard child of the GEM world it seems!

Sure i’m super open for the plastic bed, if it fits over the eM’s steel bed, I’m sure you know there’s 4 bolts on the bed I’m prepared to use.,

I’m located in NY, so shipping is a questionable thing, but if you’re open I could allow bidding on uship.com that’s how I got the GEM to my house. I could leave the bidding open for weeks/months until someone who’s going from where you are to me is available to pick it up.

I can’t say for certain, but for some of the plastic beds I suspect some custom modifications may be necessary to mount the bed.

My bad, I wasn’t totally clear in the previous post, they aren’t selling the bed or the Ranger, I was just going to get some measurements to see if opened up some other options. And, honestly, if we were getting rid of it, you probably wouldn’t want it, we are really rough on equipment.