just joined and looking at em 1400 and e2 !

Hi all, I just joined here looking to get some knowledge and pointers from people about these gem cars ! I have a poultry farm in B.C. Canada and we are currently running 4 2008 club cars for work around the farms here and we are looking at upgrading to a gem em 1400 and also a gem e2 with the box on the back! The biggest reason we want to go to the gem is beacuse of the cab and heaters as well as the suspension, club cars are rough on gravel and over pot holes ! we actually got our local dealer to drop off a demo em 1400 with cab and heater and we have been running it around our farm for work the last week and love it !
So maybe someone can chime in on the overall quality of the em 1400 and e2 because we are looking at now purchasing both our dealers demo units, the e2 has a full cab with heater and nice wheels and bumpers and they want in the $ 22,000 range canadian funds!
The em 1400 has already 60 hrs and has the cab with heater as well for around the same price !
Can anyone tell me if this gem are worth this kind of money? also will the agm batteries they both have last a good 4-5 years!
Currently we get about 2-3 years out of our trojan batteries on our club cars before whey start to go! we use these cars 365 days a year and about 1-2 hrs a day!
Thanks for any feedback ! our demo unit goes back tommorow and then we hope to try to make a deal on both units! Also should mention the e2 is a 2018 which i read has the driveline gear noise! Did polaris change anything on the e2 for 2019 to help with the noise ? The em1400 is a 2019 !

I have a 2018 e2. Gears are not that loud. Quality seems good to me. Performance was traded for economy. Not worth the money imo. Mine was 1/2 price.

If you want a real truck. Find a Miles zx40ad. It’s a “real” mini truck. Converted professionally to ev by usa company.
I don’t use mine much and would consider selling. I’m in Mn.
Google zx40ad. Mine is the 35mph version.
Can you do your own service or do you need to buy a new vehicle with warranty?

thanks for the info can I ask how did u get your e2 to 35 mph?
Yes I can work on my own electric vehicles but we couldnt find anything used around us so we have been looking at purchasing the dealers demo units !
Do u have any pictures of yours and how much u looking to get for it ?

It’s my Miles truck that is 35mph stock.
I’ll pm my email to share pictures. It’s going to be a tough sell as I just put in $2000 lithium titanate. The only battery chemistry that works in the cold. The truck less batteries is $3500. Drivers side window is broke, but I have a spare door and fender in Iowa.
I may have pictures on forum from when I got it.

nice truck thats actually the first i have seen those! I think that is just too big for around here though we like the compact size of the gems that why we have been running club cars for so long but there cabs that i have seen are sub par compared to the gem !

If you can use a gasoline engine I would check the John Deere Gator XUV835M HVAC. I got tired of fooling with batteries up north.

No gasoline we have tried but we do so much starting and stopping that’s why we went electric

Ok, if you can’t use gas the GEM is a good little electric vehicle. We have a GEM e4 in Florida and it has been reliable. I would ask the dealer how fast does the heater drawdown the battery between chargers?

Yes it probably draws alot but I’m not really worried about it are winter aren’t that cold