GEM e6s (with shortbed) MULTIPLE units for sale

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Selling GEMs previously used for shuttle services in multiple locations, So Cal, NY, Mid Atlantic, So Florida.

Most are 2011-2015 e6s in different conditions.

Some are ideal for custom builds, projects, part cars and some are running well. Some still with warranty.

Looking to sell off Classics to replace with new models.

Happy to provide more detail based on what you are looking for.


What price range? Any 4 seaters?

I do. I have an e2, e4 and e6 in Fort Lauderdale and an e6 in WPB.

You can contact me at 305-494-1612 if you would like to coordinate checking them out.



Do you have a front passenger side fender and rear window for a 2012?


Sorry for the delay. I do have a rear window but don’t think i have a front pass fender. I can check when i return from a trip through Thursday.

Where are you located?


Do you have any available in Las Vegas?

Sorry. I missed this reply. Do you still have the rear window? How much for it?