2010 GEM e6 for sale


2010 GEM e6 with 14"alloy wheels, heat and clip in stake-back carrier.

Need new batteries and TLC. Great custom project car. Located in East Hampton, NY. Can assist finding transport if needed.

Asking $1,500 OBO.

I will buy pending a phone conversation. Call me 816-200-1050

@JB30 - you have a buyer if you call him, he has not heard from you… ^^^^^^

I just left him a message

I’m interested. I sent you a message with my info to get ahold of me.

I’ll throw my name in the hat too… but guessing one of the guys before me picked it up

I believe that it is sold.

Correct, Finalizing with a buyer for the 2010. I also have a 2015 being listed for sale.
Also needs batteries and TLC but a 2015. Asking $4k OBO.

Were these prior taxi’s ? how many miles ?


Yes, these were shuttles. You have bought some in Fort Lauderdale from me before. The 2010 is sold but the 2015 in NY is still available. No batteries and hasn’t been used in about 18 months so can’t give exact mileage. I am also selling a 2016 - new body style with factory half-doors that is in Ft.Lauderdale. 2 for sale, miles are high but car runs well and has had regular service.

How much for the 16’

$8k. I have some in FL with half doors and high miles and 2 in LA with no doors and average miles. Assume all will need batteries.

Can you send me details on the LA cars? Hours to see them or pick them up. Thank you appreciate it.

Hi, Let me know any specific details you’re looking for and what days you’re available to see. Are you looking for multiple units? Feel free to call me if you would like to discuss 305-494-1612.


HI, following up here. If you’re still interested I can have someone show you the cars Thurs or Fri this week.


Are the ones in LA still available if so can you let me know how many you have and how much thanks Lee

These still available