E6 Gem Cars for sale - 2012 & 2013

Selling 3 E6 Gem Cars - 2 are 2013’s and 1 is a 2012. One of the 2013’s has damage to the roof and windshield from a tree branch falling on it also causing some damage to the plastics. I can send more pictures of each car if interested and so you can see extent of what would be needed to restore the damaged one. All have clean titles but currently do not run as they need new batteries.

I purchased these last year along with another e6 which I am keeping for myself. I’ll be happy to share all the info I have on these if you are interested. I have only been able to test the undamaged 2013 so far and it ran fine aside from the front break pads needing to be replaced. I have debated buying economy batteries for both of them to make them an easier sell but I know everyone’s needs are different and some of you are choosing to go lithium or to stick with the gel. I am trying to sell the 2013’s together unless I know of a buyer who could make me an offer on the damaged one, i just figured it might be a tough sell for some people.

These are located on Long Island, NY
Looking to get $4,000 for the 2012 , $4,000 for the undamaged 2013 and $1,500 for the damaged 2013.


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I’d love the damaged one if I didn’t have to deal with NYC and Long Island traffic to get it. It would be perfect for a project I’ve been wanting to do

any idea how much it would cost through Uship to get it to you? not sure how far you are coming from but if you change your mind let me know and I can send you more photos and details on it.

@northshoreli Is the damaged 2013 still available?

I’m a bit late on this post, but are any of these aval. Pls txt if so… 512-540-1414