2020 Damaged GEM E2. Sell it? Or part it out?

I have a 2020 E2 that took a hit on the top passenger side of the windshield. It was hit hard enough to crack some frame welds between the main cab frame and the rear frame where the batteries and suspension are. The car runs excellent but it’s just ugly right now. Needs a windshield, frame repair, several plastic panels, and who knows what else. I’d prefer to sell it whole as a project car than part it out. Looking to see if there’s any interest at $3500.
It has the aluminum wheels, AGM batteries, LED lights, and about 4,500 miles on the odometer.

Where is it located? I may be interested depending on location but I’m guessing you’re not in my neck of the woods

Brunswick GA. About an hour north of Jacksonville FL.

:thinking::thinking: a little far for me but next month I’m supposed to be heading down I95 from NY to Daytona beach. If it’s still available then, I might have to stop by and check it out.

Sounds good. I’ve been up 95 to NH twice in the past 2 months. Haven’t got my trailer any more though but an easy trip. We’ll see how this goes. Thanks.

Dm sent interested in your gem

I bid one dowwah!!!

I just checking that there arent plastics available anywhere. ouch…

wondering if you can post a pic of the rear frame.

Rear frame pictures.

I think it’s long gone and sold.