Front nose, 2002 gem 2 or 4 seater

I’m looking for a front nose for a 2002 gem. good condition.

What pieces do you need? I have a few I might sell for parts. Thanks

Front noise and front side

I should say front and both front sides.

I have front(cracked) ,sides and pan are good

Would u b interested in an entire two seater E 825, 2002? $700

Yes I’m very interested. Could you send a few pics. Where r u located

Yes very interested can you tell me location and send some pictures?

I live n Elk Grove, Ca. The Gem has been garaged since 2002.

Also approx mileage is 6500.

Hi Larry,

Please put me 3rd on the interest list after ernest and Gem02.
I’m in Davis.

Might be interested in some less bashed up parts than what is on my '02 LB to make it more attractive for sale once DMV opens back up and I get the '10 eL registered.

Would love to buy but I’m in New York shipping would makes it not feasible thanks

I also live in NY. This is a great deal if I were a little closer.

Hi - I have new and used front cowls and rear spats plus other parts. If interested give me a call 518 369-0977. I live in East Greenbush, NY 12061
Thanks Jim.

Hi Jim. Looking for a rear spat for a 2006 E4. Preferably in white. Also scuff guards for a 99 E25 2dr. Lmk if you have. Ty

Sorry I only have rear spats up to 2004 and no scuff guards.