Looking for a windshield 2002 e4

Looking for a front windshield for my 2002 e4. I’m in New York so shipping is an issue with the west coast shops. Any suggestion are appreciated

I have 3 in Tavares Florida $150

Thanks for quick response I found one in Massachusetts

About how much would shipping be to Lafayette, LA? Can something that large and fragile be shipped safely and cost effectively?

I have a 1999 (or 2000) Gem, not sure of model or how to determine. VIN tag is badly distorted with age and I can’t make out most of the data.


Go here I sold him all my glass


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Thanks. I’ll give him a try.

Cool. I told Nick to get with you. He’s our local GEM guy. Came out and programmed our T2 the other day. I did so because you told me that I didn’t need a MM (that I already bought) so I found him.

Looking for a windshield for an 2001 E825 4 seater. Thanks for the help!