World's first hydrogen fuel e-bicycle

It marks the birth of world’s first fuel cell bike which can truly be put into commerce. It makes a breakthrough in aspects of fuel cell’s power density, system reliability and useful life. And most of the key raw materials (fuel cell membrane, catalyst and bipolar board) are made by our own country, so we own the complete independent intellectual property rights on core technologies. It reflects on many aspects the progress and breakthrough that china fuel cell technology has achieved since the “9th Five-Year” science and technology research, from the localization of key raw materials, the commercial applications of fuel cell , to fuel battery. At the same time, the whole vehicle is optimized according to the characteristics of the fuel battery, and its body is aluminium alloy, so that it is lighter than the general ones. Its cruising power is 75 km and can run 25 km per hour. Currently this kind of electric bicycle has a total of 19 technology patents both at home and abroad, of which 12 inventing patents and two foreign patents.

Working mode: moped
Weight: 30Kg
Running hour: 36 hours
Motor type: Brushless DC motor
Rated power:180w
Rated voltage: 24v
Undervoltage protection: 21.5±0.5V
Noise: £60Db

This concept has been promoted for years but I seem to recall the cost
of the fuel cells was prohibitive.
Beyond that, I’ll believe it when I see it as far a real and
competitive e-bike offering. Would be nice if it actually happened,
especially given the low weight.

Bike is always cheap and good option to travel a short distance and also in the traffic too. And if it is supported by the hydrogen fuel cell then it’s now be a plus point added to the popularity of it.