Some advice help needed

i am a design student at coventry university. i’m in my final year and one of my projects is a motorcyle. Its based around a yamaha r6 but it has a recumbent seating position. any way the idea is to maintain the performance of the normal r6 but the concept will be electric well an eltric motor powered by a PEM fuel cell. I have worked out that the bike would nee around a 20kw motor that would peak around 80kw ish. That would give a similar horsepower rating to the standard r6. What i am struggling to understand is how you match the motor up to a suitable power source wether it be batteries or a fuel cell in regards to voltage and output of kwh etc. a point in the right direction or some advice would be greatly received thanks for help.
put a concept picture of the idea so you guys can get an idea of what i am trying to acheive.

best bet is finding readily availaible info on controllers… then setup your system from what you can find…

i’d go with a 72watt system, since it will give you the widest range of power.

FEUS, Are you familiar with the R-6 Yamaha, that he wants to match the performange of?
I am thinking that he will need at least 192volts to come close, possibly much more!
The little Yamaha is capable of low 10 second quarter mile times, and 170mph top speed.

I am being a bit pessimistic, only because as I read the kind of performance Widget is hoping for, I am wondering if this is even possible in such a package, no less for a student project. I hope it is, this sounds like a load of fun, but it also sounds like about a $100,000 job!
How much power can the PEM fuel cell supply? I am not familiar with it, but can only imagine the cost would be tremendous, if it is even possible (at this time)
The kind of performance you desire is possible for a short time (see the Killacycle, 7.8 1/4 mi. @168mph) but for a sustained amount of time, I just don’t see it.
Would you both explain how I am completely wrong, because I truly hope I am. Eric

Cheers for the info so far.
Ok right first of cost at the moment isn’t an issue as we can propose the project for say the year 2020 when fuel cell technology will have advanced and decreased in cost. so there is a slight opportunity for bending the rules. i have researched fuel cells and i have found some specs i found one that is 300A @ 240v - 75kW The problem is this doesn’t mean an awful lot to me. There are a lot of issues both weight and space wise as this is quite a small vehicle but if i can prove it will work in theory i will gt the marks i want. So any more pointers would be great.

wow, 300A? Whats the input flow of hydrogen needed to get that? What size of tank would you need to hold that much.

Look at the physical limitations of the fuel cell first… see what you could even FIT on a motorcycle, and design from there, since thats the limitation you will need to worry about.

My appologies for my negative tone, I was under the impression this vehicle had to be actually built for this exercise, and I figured for the price, and complexity, it would require a major manufacture, just to put out a functioning prototype.
As a design exercise, it sounds fun, and is probably do able with out having to actually cough up the cash required. Eric

ok this is where i am now. i was researching around and was looking at the honda fcx concept. i found a pdf of the previous version which just happens to have a 85kw drive motor and matching fuel cell so i have found the cell and motor. which will fit into the bike relatively easily. the only problem now is that there is no stated input flow for the fuel cell so its hard to gauge how big to make the hydrogen tank. There are a few fuel cell scooters out there that might give me an idea of the capacity i should be aiming for. its just a case of squeezing it all in plus the additional motor that will run the gyro to keep the thing up right at slow speeds oh and the battery. lots to do.

Once you find out the amount of hydrogen you need you might figure out the volume of a closed tubular frame for your bike and see if you can use it for your hydrogen storage.