Comparing Apples and Oranges or KW and HP

I’m planning my first electric conversion, a 250cc class MX bike. It’ll likely be a Yamaha YZ250 since there’s a local company pulling engines from '09 and ‘10 model year bikes and putting them in quads. This leaves them with rolling chassis’, or bikes with no engines.

My goal is to produce an electric MX bike with at least 45 minutes of ride time and a weight no greater than a fully fueled stock bike plus 25 pounds.

Right now I’m considering which motor to use. I was leaning towards the AGNI B 95R which produces 30 HP peak, but I’m concerned about the open venting of this motor. That may not be ideal for an MX bike. I was at an EV show this weekend and the local rep for Golden Motor USA was pushing their 5 and 10KW motors which are sealed. Power is important for this application but I can’t find published numbers for the Golden Motor USA motors and I’m wondering how to compare the output. The AGNI draws a max of 400 amps and if my math is right, at 72V the Golden Motor 5K is drawing ~97 amps max. So the Agni is stronger, right?

Sorry if this topic has been covered before.


Greg G.

After a few more searches I may have answered my own question. One horsepower is about 746 watts. So a 5K motor is about 6.7 HP and a 10K motor is about 13.4 HP. I think at this point I’m leaning towards the Agni 95.


I’ve been told that electric horse power does not exactly equal traditional gasoline engine horse power, since the electric motors are way more efficient and torque from the get go. I guess what I am saying is that you may be pleasantly surprised with your 13 HP motor.