HP conversion

Are there any conversions for hp from gas to electric. Say I have a 600cc motorcycle that gets 50 hp how much hp should an electric motor have to reach an equevalent speed. or does this not work?

HP for ICE’s and electric aren’t the same, because torque and RPM are different on electric. Max torque at 0rpm, and the RPMS aren’t as high most of the time.

You need to figure out how fast you need to go, then convert back through the drivetrain through the gears. Then figure out what HP is needed at the transmission shaft. Acceleration can also be factored in.

There is not a end-all-be-all equation that I know of… and it depends on what kind of bike, are you using direct drive or if you’re reusing the tranny (most don’t). I figure I need 3800rpm to go 60-70 mph. I want good acceleration, so I got the biggest motor that would fit in my bike (www.evfr.net). 18-20Hp max, and 4000RPM. It won’t be the same as an ICE, but it’l be pretty nice.