Theoretical idea thread

I am a bit of a gear head but no nothing about electricity and even less about controller motors and the like listed on this forum. I was (i guess still am) a member of a forum that started a thread for the design of a car from the ground up. It was never meant to be actually built. The idea was a rich guy in some south american country wanted a car built and the original sketch of what he wanted was posted and the car began to take shape virtually.

This could work here as well. I love bikes, love to ride, would love an EV bike, and I will convert one when i get a plan down on paper. For now though, lets dream.

The basic ideas of a motorcycle depending on what you are looking for are (in no particular order) Speed, Agility, Arms ripped off torque, freedom to roam. Feel free to add more. The shape of current bikes are based from years and years of racing and molding from various applications like touring, street, and the new trick bike beater look with all the frame sliders.

So what would it look like?

What material for the frame? Carbon Fiber with built in metallic bolt points?
What materials could you use that are lighter in motor development? Could you lighten and combine electric components maybe stuff them in behind the headlight? What type of batteries would you use to get gasoline range with gasoline performance? Do these things exist?

Basically what would the bike have to weigh with rider to get say a 160 Mile range, with a top speed of say 160 MPH. Rider 185 lbs. Typical motorcycle drag. How much power what size motor. Could you run cylindrical batteries inside the frame in series for the smaller components like headlights, blinkers?

If you want to be more practical about it reduce top speed to 75 MPH with a “go baby go” button for emergency’s in highway situations.

What tech makes this possible? How close could we get to those numbers in theory with current technology?

What things in your use of EV bikes would be useful new technology like say an emergency boost button something that gives big not practical drag strip power to the throttle control like nitrous. LED Lights all around?

Again I am a noob to this stuff but I thought it might be fun to throw around ideas that might help to spur on development at the grass roots level so to speak. I look forward to responses.