Chopper build

I am new to the whole ev world but not new to being green. My current motorcycle gets 65 miles to the gallon and I built or modified close to the whole thing. I’ve noticed a lack in the good looking EV choppers area and want to try my hand at helping that image. I plan on building this from the frame up and will have no problems in the fabricating and building of the motorcycle itself, but like I said new to the ev part. I have been looking at what I will need for the electricals and want to have a complete design before starting so need to know exactly what I am puting into this and build the frame around them. Any suggestions on complete systems or parting it would be real helpfull. I would like to have a range of at least 40 miles and top speed of 75 I’m sure that might be asking alot but I may be willing to step into the lithium circle to get it. I expect the weight of the bike with out electrics to be around 200 lbs and I weigh another 200 lbs, and will probably put the chopper look over aerodynamics. So any help on getting started will be appreciated.

Well glad to see I’ve sparked so much interest. Anways I’ve got a much better understanding of the electric portion of this project I will probably use a somewhat oversized motor not decided which yet and go with a lithium based battery set up because I really don’t want someone saying sure it looks good but it doesn’t have the practical performance my ICE has. I know this will cost me but maybe if I get the deminsions of everything build the bike minus the batteries motor and controller if it comes out well I could get sponsored from a local company to finish it or even the power company:eek:. Has anyone here tried that.

I have e-mailed my local News Paper to see about finding a sponsor, and yes it would be very cool to get the local power CO. to sponsor it as they would be the ones providing the power.
This next week I will be contacting a few businesses about it and hope someone will help out and maybe get some Lithium batteries…