Wiper stopped, fuse location, and value of car

First…sorry if this has been covered in the forum but I searched and have yet to find an answer. The windshield wiper on the 2001 Gem Car was working the other day and now won’t move. I found the thread that discusses checking current to the wiper motor, but can anyone tell me where to look for the fuses for the wiper and the turn signals so I can first check those? The car is not in my possession so I want to be prepared when I drive out to the relative’s house.

Also, is anyone willing to throw out some numbers as to the value of the car? It will soon be going up for sale and a year ago a dealer quoted its value between $4600-$5200…is that a fair number? It’s a 2001 Gem Car, long bed, hard doors, new batteries and in very good condition. No major scratches, dents, etc. and seats are great. Everything else is working.

Open the hood and look under the rubber splash shield on the passenger side… Does the horn and lights work?

Prices are area specific. In our area that would be very high for a long bed.

On my 2001 the electrical major parts are inside the car behind the kick panel on passenger side. Pull up hard on dash (it’s only held on by Velcro) and you’ll see everything. Three screws hold kick panel in place. Remove the screws to remove panel to gain access.

That seems pretty high for an 2001 unless it’s in like-new/rebuilt condition with six solid batteries.

Thanks for the replies. I’ll drive out tomorrow and see if the fuses are under the hood or behind the kick panel and let you know what I find. Head lights, horn, yellow light on top and right signal all work.

Hate to hear that about the price…hopefully they’ll be ok in the low $4K range.

Wiper motors often have a short life in GEM’s. Lights, horn etc indicate DC/DC converter is good. Lots of wiper motors on ebay.

Turn on the wiper and give thblade a litt back and forth love. Ya never know.

As for value if the batteries are less than a year old - Probably 3K

I’d add one additional caveat about batteries. If they are “industrial grade” batteries, they are probably OK if not too old (less than 2 or 3yrs) and have been properly maintained. If they are older than that, or water levels left to drop below plates or either “car or marine” batteries, personally I’d assume they’re junk and figure on $1200+ to replace with appropriate technology.


Hello again. Well, we didn’t get far in checking out the windshield wiper because the brakes stopped working. :frowning:
Had the car checked out at a golf car repair shop and here is the feedback from the tech: brakes are now working after they bled the lines, but they did find someone had left the end-cap off the master cylinder and some rust/corrosion had started. They think there may still be a leak in the master cylinder but for now the brakes are working fine.

Here is where I need some guidance: Technician said this car has NO fuses and that everything runs off a huge Voltage Reducer. According to tech, the 12v circuit that is running from the voltage reducer to the wiper motor is corroded and it’s not possible to repair just that one wire/circuit …we’d have to install a new voltage reducer for $645.
If the owners chose not to replace the VR, is it possible to hot the wiper motor and at least get the wiper to lower? (it’s now in a vertical position) The tech said the wiper couldn’t be manually lowered without damaging the motor. Any input and advice greatly appreciated!

We will repeat.Open the hood. the fuse block is under the rubber rain sheet on the passenger side cowl.

We ask again - do the lights horn turn signals work? If they work Your DC/DC converter is working.

Google GEM CAR Manuals. You can download both 2001-2004 owners Manual and service manuals.

I believe they have a picture of fuse block somewhere around page 26. If you dont have manuals and schematics you spend a lot of time chasing your tail shot guning problems…

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Old Houseboater, I did answer your first question on 2/18 1:52pm. All signals are working except for the left rear signal.
We didn’t worry about checking the fuses after the brakes went out since we thought the repair person working on the brakes could check them.

I’ve found the manual and my son is now going over the circuitry and I now understand your comment: “if the signals & horn work the DC/DC converter is working”! I have now lost faith in the guy that serviced the car.

I tried to install a new horn, and it seems to of blown the fuse, does anybody know were the fuse is for the horn.

fuse number 3

You are awesome Rodney! Before I posted my question about the fuses, I’d look for my copy of the manual and couldn’t find it in my GEM directory. Your post made me search and I found it in my downloads directory(hadn’t moved it to where it was supposed to be).

FYI, when people like Old_Houseboater, Inwo and a few others ask you to check things, it would be very smart to respond to all their questions. They are trying to build a map of what the problem is and forcing them to play 20 questions wastes everyone’s time. And these guys know a thing or two about GEMs.