Are the required fuse sizes the same for a 2001 and 2002

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Are the fuse sizes as indicated in Fig. 17 the same for a 2002 GEM ?

I would think that is a good guess.
Which fuse is blowing?

Thanks, I just recently purchased a 2002 gem 2 passenger. I have never owned a gem before.

There are no blown fuses, but the wiper does not work. In the wiper fuse position it calls for a 7.5 amp, right now there is a 3 amp in that slot and the wiper does not work. Should I put in a 7.5 and see what happens?

if the fuse position/circuit calls for a 7.5 amp fuse then yes, that’s what should be there.

Just so you know, a fuse is nothing more than an electric wire which completes a circuit/loop to carry electric power BUT it will melt and become a broken wire if too much power/current flows through the circuit.

Given that bit on info, if there is currently a 3 amp fuse in there and it is not broken then the circuit is still complete and something else is stopping the wiper motor from operating. I would look at the 2 wires coming from the wiper motor and see if you can follow them to a connector. When you find the connector and disconnect it, inspect the contacts for corrosion on each end and reconnect and that still doesn’t make the motor move then the motor might have failed or the wiper switch has failed.

Using a volt meter would be the way to find out if there is power being applied to the wiper motor.

Thanks, will check out tomorrow.

Failed 20 year old wiper motors are not uncommon.

Unfortunately, GEMs use marine wiper motors, which run around $100-135 each.

Failed 20 year old wiper motors are not uncommon.

Failed due to what? Not for wear. Maybe a stuck brush due to inactivity? Not like these cars are driven much in the rain. Here in SoCal even a primary vehicle might activate the WWiper once a month just to knock morning dew off. In wet season I’d think the little cars without doors will be staying home.

Yeah, sure. Some cars have doors and weather enclosures for less than stellar weather conditions. But I still think 98% of the WW motors out there have brushes that are barely broke in.

@hamsman - Be aware that those two wires going up to the motor won’t be showing power across/ref each other. The Y/Bk is Run and the W/Bk is Park. You need to check one and the other against Chassis GND.

Could be. But I guess that depends where the GEM is and what conditions it’s driven in. For drier areas, that seems plausible, along with seized grease/gearing components.

The only failed one I took apart ended up with pieces getting lost or I couldn’t get it to fit back together, I don’t recall the details. It might still be out in the garage somewhere.

Does anyone have a diagram of the wiper motor parts ?

If I remember correctly, they are Marinco brand. The motor & gearbox are sold as a single unit.

Maybe google will turn something up.

Cart has been in Southern California since new.

found this old post

Did I miss the part where 12v switched and park was found at the motor? And the motor was grounded?

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Many times it seems easier to throw parts at something and hope it fixes the problem before looking at details which specifically point out the failure. I’ve had friends tell me stories of mechanics charging them for parts which didn’t fix the problem and they not only paid for the new parts but also didn’t get the old, still working, parts back. Ground issue sound quite possible here.