GEM windshield wipers won't work

Our GEM had the windshield wipers working until yesterday, when they refused to work in a pouring rain.

I put a new fuse in, but it wasn’t that.

Could it be the switch?

The wiper motor?

It could be either. Check for voltage at the power connector. With the switch on, there should be 12 volt power to the connector. Ensure that the ground connection is also good. If you don’t have power at the connector, check the switch next. If you have power at the connector, try measuring the resistance across the motor connector. Between four vehicles, we have a combined 26 “GEM years” without any wiper motor failure. If you need a wiring diagram, let me know what year you have.


We have a 2005, and I don’t think it’s the motor either.

I put a fuse in and it worked briefly, but then quit again.

Could it be some kind of a short?

Take a resistance reading across the motor terminals and then from each terminal to the metal body of the motor. I will then compare this with the good motor on our 2005 GEM. If any of your readings are much lower than mine, the motor is either shorted or grounded. If the readings are similar, then the motor is likely overloading. If overloading, it may be possible to disassemble, clean, and grease the motor. Since we have never had a failure, I have never attempted to locate an aftermarket equivalent. If there are further questions, please ask.


We already ordered a motor for the wiper, and are having it installed. The mechanic talked to Arlen Lemley about it, and we decided to get a new wiper motor.

C’est la vie.

I guess they do burn out occasionally.

We ordered the part and Mark’s Complete Auto installed it. I consider it to be a great test of the system. It cost a bit to fix, but it’s worth it.

We wanted to have an electric car that would work to get us around and could be serviced in our town.

That Arden Lemley is a great guy! I’ve talked to him a few times along with the other guys at GEM TECH SUPPORT and they are great! They will get you the right answers - just call. Stop wasting time with these ‘I think I know the answer’ guys on these posts. Go right to the source and get what ya need! 866.764.0616

Are you really suggesting against using this board? Are you also suggesting that I only think I know the answer? Is there something wrong with my answer? I assume the GEM factory monitors these message boards and encourages everyone to buy all parts at the dealer$$$. I will provide a brief comparison:

brake assembly with worn bearing:
From GEM, $350 GEM won’t sell you just the bearing
From any bearing supplier, about $40

  (GEM doesn't want you to know this)

gas pedal spring broken:
From GEM, $46 (a lot of money for a little piece of wire)
From Linemaster Switch, the OEM, about $5 including shipping.

GEM tech support still cannot tell me what is the discard dimension for
brake drums. They just say that the drums cannot be turned or that the assembly must be replaced, which is not even what I asked. How would one know when to replace the drum without first knowing the discard dimension? For inspection purposes, I reluctantly use my state’s DMV standard of dimension of new plus 0.060". I have serviced the brakes on everything from dirt bikes to locomotives and they all have a defined wear limit.

I have worked on GEM’s for eight years and am willing to share my hard-won knowledge. Don’t waste your money at the dealer unless there is no choice.


Hey Danny, there is a spec on the brake drums for the e6 & eLXD if you ask them for it - but you shouldnt have to as those are a TRW brand and are stamped on the inside of the drum. The samller Comex drums I was told don’t even fit a machine to have them turned. Other than that its just replacement rotors and pads as usual - GEM has all that stuff, and rebuild kits for calipers and drum brakes.

Forgot to mention, a lot has obviously changed since Danny has last talked to anyone at GEm or a distributor - the accelerator pedal he is talking about is for any 1999-2004 vehicle - which does have a replacement sping and switch GEM offers. 877.447.0102. Replacement boots are available from GEM as well.
Dan, I would suggest from our point of views that we help GEM Owners with their issues and point them in the right direction rather than using the board for arguing. I take it you took some offense to my post earlier though I didn’t mention names, you assumed it was yourself. All in all we are both trying to give other owners the right information. I believe in GEM and their Service so I help with what I can and then direct a person back to a real source, GEM TECH SUPPORT and their Mobile Service groups. Enough said!

Yes, I did take offense because I was the only other person to post on that thread. I will get over it. Checked with Chris at GEM Parts and he gave me the new numbers:

rack boot: 061200326 (dealer $39, only $10 more than Polaris ATV boot)

1998-2004 throttle return spring: 0610-00796 (dealer $46, about $40 more than
Linemaster Switch Company OEM)

These parts have been available from GEM for nine months. Prior to then, entire assemblies had to be replaced. Things are getting better with more component parts becoming available from GEM. The transmission input shafts added a few years ago have saved us some money. If there is someone with connections at the GEM factory, who can publish new and superseded numbers, many of us would appreciate that. The dealers do not bother keeping up with every new part number and I don’t blame them. Owners and mechanics should consider buying an up-to-date parts list. I maintain a brief list of known new and superseded GEM part numbers on the Forum at List of superceded and new GEM part numbers. A list of alternative component parts can be found at Component parts not available from GEM There are numerous other posts that compliment those on this forum, in fact these two forums share many of the same members.


I am a GEM owner and we appreciate the help both of you guys give us.

It’s not the kind of thing most people know about. We love to get any kind of advice you can give us.


Glad to help in any way. I wish there were more fleet and dealer mechanics on here to give and share advice. Many cities, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions use and service these vehicles, but few wish to share their knowledge with others.


Hello, I know this is an old post but I was wondering if you could help me out. I just bought a 2006 GEM and found that the windshield wiper motor is disconnected. Do you happen to know which wire goes to which terminal? I have a black wire, white/black wire, and a yellow/black wire. There are two terminals. I can take a voltage reading on the wires also if that helps. I tried taking a guess at it and the wiper moved to point straight up and then the fuse blew. Thanks, Brian

We had to have our windshield wiper motor replaced a couple of years ago.