Windshield motor?

I have a 2006 e2. The windshield motor no longer works. Checked fuse and everything ok. Looked at motor, unless it has a flashing sign that reads - “this is the problem”, I am clueless, but I noticed that the wiring harness has 3 wires - white, green and black. White and green are connected to the motor but the black is just hanging in the harness. On the motor base there is an open connection point where I could connect the black wire.
Natural inclination (to me) is that the black should be connected to the motor, but I wanted to check before I did this because:

  1. The space is really tight and I will skin my knuckles messing around there so I wanted to make sure that it would work.
  2. This is my wife’s car. If I connect something wrong and I fry the car, she will not be pleased.
    Can anyone offer advice? Thanks.

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Unless you have a two speed (hi/low/off) wiper I’d leave it off. If I wanted to diagnose, I’d pull off the white and green wires and use a voltmeter to see if these two wires provided power when the wiper was switched on. If you have power, it’s either the wiper motor is fried OR binding up which might be able to be freed up. If no power, it’s a wiring/fuse/switch issue.


We had the same problem, and had to get a new windshield motor.

We have a mechanic who is willing to work on GEM’s and we found the part and had it installed.

One of ours just quit. Is there an aftermarket source, or just $$$ at the dealer?


[quote=GEMmechanic;17598]One of ours just quit. Is there an aftermarket source, or just $$$ at the dealer?

We got it from the dealer. It didn’t cost that much. The reason we switched to the GEM from the car that we built is the fact that parts and service were available. It’s great to find someone who can do it in the area.

With the money we save in gas, maintenance is not too costly.

Revi… I sent a friend to a Craigslist post where a guy was parting out a GEM… he told me the part was dirt cheap and although from an older car it works well… the parting out cars are few and far apart… I’ll post them on here when I find them from now on