Wich one to convert

Hi I’m new around here and want to start with a simple question. I have a 63 Ford Ranchero and a 2001 Saturn SC1. I want to build an electric commuter out of one of these. Work is 25 miles from home with some hills thrown in. Average speed of my commute is 55mph. I’m planning on a 144v system. Wich of the two vehicles do you all think would be better suited for a conversion. Fabrication and mechanics won’t be of concern for the build. Rich.

pick the lightest one with a manual transmission

Both are manual trans. I think the ranchero is the lighter of the two @ 2360lb. Losing the engine, exhaust, and gas tank will get it down around 1800ish. I have no idea what the Sarurn weighs. Anybody out there know? I think I’d rather convert the Saturn because I just spent a year getting the Ranchero on the road. The Saturn is my commuter now and I’d hate to give up a truck. I doubt that an electric Ranchero would be a very feasable truck.

then which one are you likely to use for commuting? Whic one is more aerodynamic?

I’d think the saturn would be lighter…

Which one would you likely drive longer distances? Might keep that one as an ICER