Wheels and Tires

Hello, I’m looking for a source for new Custom/Aftermarket wheels and tires for my Gem. Looking for 14 inch, and I’ve seen some on Ride for Fun’s site, just want to see if anyone knows of some other sources and possibly some tips for do’s a don’t’s. My Gem is a 2013 and has the pickup bed so there are no rear fender limitations. Also, I’d like to locate a set of original side mirrors. I bought a set of replacement plastic ones and I don’t like them. Thanks in advance!

Ebay has a ton of options, look up 14" golf cart wheel. - your looking for zero offset wheels or 3-3 offset if possible, 3-4 might work or you might need a spacer to make them work.

Thanks, I read a post here that showed a guy using Mini Cooper wheels, said they were bolt-ons, no adapters, but they were 17" and rubbed front fenders. Same bolt pattern I guess?