Advice on tires and rims

I recently installed a disc brake conversion kit from NEV Accessories and they send a wheel spacer for the two front tires. I want to move up to 14" tires and I am looking for a recommendation on where to buy 4 custom rims and tires. What bolt pattern and what size tires so that I do not need to modify anything on the cart. Will I need wheel spacers for the rear of the car? This is a 2001 E825. Presently running 12" wheels

Thank you for all the help.

Tires and wheels. Humm it depends entirely on what “Look” your after.

Bigger wheels (17’s) require spacers and adjust the rear fender up and potential rubbing here and their.

Smaller Wheels can be bolted right on. No spacers. You having the NEV big brake kit requires you to have larger wheels to clear the new larger brake calipers.

If you have or are willing to spend $1500 on tires/wheels/spacers and lug nuts with delivery included I can give you my contacts info he can have tires and wheels mounted balanced and deliverd for around $1500.

I wanted to stay with the stock diameter for clearance and gearing purposes. I found a really good looking set of golf cart wheels on ebay for <$500 delivered. They are perfect except for the fact that they are are low profile and ride like a lumber wagon. My car is an 02’ and so it effectively has no suspension other than the tire sidewalls. Eliminating the sidewalls basically eliminated the only flex in the system. Its made worse by the fact that I am running lithium so I’m ~400lbs lighter than stock.

I am looking to be in the 500 to $600 range. What are the critical details I need to be looking for when buying wheels and tires. It seems like if it is a 4x4 bolt pattern it will work. I dont want to exceed 14" tire and there are a lot of golf cart tires that may work but I dont want to chance it if it wont fit.Looking for a site that people have used that they have purschased.

4X4 zero offset is what you want. A small offset will work but you want the wheel to offset inward not out (can’t remember if that’s + or - offset). If you offset them out wider the story is that the handling is affected negatively. I’ve never tried it so can only share what I’ve read elsewhere. Below is the link to the wheels I bought. I’m very happy with them but as I mentioned, 14" rims and 22" overall diameter (keeping near stock diameter) makes for a stiff sidewall and early GEMs reward you with a rough ride. Also, get the metric lug nuts. I missed that one and had to swap them out.

Thank you this is very helpful. Just to check you didnt need to make any modifications to your Gem and no spacers needed?

That’s correct. They just bolted right on and look great. My car is stock height. Here they are on the car. I’ve since painted the wheel well black to hide that white and it made a huge difference, but ideally I’d have a slightly taller wheel up front to fill the space a little more. My lithium powered D$D motor could pull more tire no problem but I’m still running stock drum brakes so that would be a concern.

That is a good looking car. I did convert the front brakes on mine to disc just a week ago and they did supply me spacers to allow the stock wheels to fit. I plan on painting my car black as well. Thank you for your help

I don’t post anything very often because I am far from an expert on Gems. I was in a similar situation a while back but I don’t have disc brakes. I wanted to upgrade the wheels but I didn’t want to use spacers. There are many different opinions out there on the bolt pattern. I measured it myself and came up with 4x4” not 4x100mm. Then there’s the offset. I measured the stock wheels and came up a 0 offset. I shopped around and found a Cragar SS wheel that’s made for golf cars. I purchased them from Jegs on line. With the coupon they came out to about $180.00 a piece. Little more than I wanted to spend but very happy with the look. The 14” bolted up with no spacers or clearance issues. I never posted a photo but I will give it a try.


The one problem I had when I got my wheels were the lug nuts. I discovered that the factory wheel studs are 10 x 1.5 and the lugs they sent me with the new tires where 12 x 1.5. Finally found 10 x 1.5 chrome lugs on Amazon