Looking for new tires

Hey all - new member here.

Recently purchased a 2002 E825. Looking to upgrade to some beefier tires but not sure where to look. It still has the 165/70/12 stock tires on but I would like wider tires with better tread. Not going crazy off-road’ing or anything, just cruising down the street. Also don’t want any rub on the car from the tires because they are too big. (Did I mention I’m new?)

What say you?

Welcome! Do want to replace the wheel (rim) too or just the tire (rubber)? If just the tire then that will limit your options. If upgrading the wheel and tire you can go wider. If you use spacers that opens up your wheel options a lot. The spacers correct the wheel offset as most aftermarket automotive wheels are not zero offset like our factory wheels.

I’m running 205/45R17 tires on 17x7 ET35 wheels on my 2013 e6S. This setup requires 35mm spacers. I haven’t needed to trim anything to avoid rubbing but I suspect my factory suspension is sitting a bit higher than stock after converting to lithium.

Definitely mounted tires, so wheels and rims. I think I’ll probably need the spacers for the back tires if I go other than what I have now. I’ll look into the 205’s. Hopefully they have some less than 17 (which I assume they do) that I could throw on mine. Thanks for the response!

Spacers or deep wheels. Stock GEM wheels on the older ones are zero offset. 4x4" pattern. Or maybe it’s 4x100mm. I’m not sure anymore. I think my front spacers from NEV Accessories (disc brake conversion) are 4 x 4. But, there are a lot of guys here who have success with 4 x 100 rims.

I think @grantwest and @LithiumGods have found some deep wheels that don’t need spacers for some of their carts in the past.

Gems are 0 offset , 4x4 . 4x100 will work . Few wheels have 0 offset so spacers will be required .

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These worked fine on mine.

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Nice! Sharp looking. Did you need to do any sort of lifting or need any spacers?

None, even used the same lugnuts.

What are those off of ?

ordered them new on the rims.

Are your wheels 12x7 with a 3+4 offset? Thank you.

If you still have this rig can you post the size of your wheels and tires you posted?



Are those R$F rims and tires?
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The numbers are right on the tires in the picture…

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jrjava I am going to take the high road in all this " MAY LORD JESUS CHRIST BLESS YOU AND YOUR LOVE ONES"

Awhhhh, schucks…

You’re making me blush.
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@jrjava is our forum cut-up comedian - “most” of the time he means no harm and he makes us laugh a lot. Don’t take it to heart.


Thanks Mike. I feel that sometimes I can be funny… lookin’.

And for the record, I don’t hate R$F. They serve a purpose, there are a lot of GEMs on the road today that might not have made it this far without them, and I’ve bought from them in the past, just as most of us here have. But to be clear, the only thing they make is the decals with their name, number and URL on them that they slap on other companies products. If this gives them god status for some, so be it.

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