Wheel size for 06 E4

Gentlemen, Can some pls let me know the correct wheel size for 14” wheels, unfortunately I purchased 14 x 7 with a -25 offset and they are way to wide don’t come close to fitting. I’d like to put 175 / 65 R14 tires on. I got these from Golfcart King and sure hoping they will let me return these w/o the 20% restocking fee plus shipping as they thought they would fit. These are for an 06 E4.
Thanks a bunch !

Don’t quote me on this, it’s late…

4x100 pattern. 4x4 sometimes works on the later ones (ie: yours)

up to 35-38mm offset. I’ve heard other numbers, this one sticks out. I think it depends on your tires.

If you want to just avoid the hassle, buy it complete, pre mounted, pre balanced from R4F. Last time I priced them complete & shopped from R4F vs getting my own rims and going to a tire shop, it wasn’t that different. Couple hundred for used/refirb rim vs R4F.

Contact @Inwo about a magic magnet if you want to break that 25mph barrier in the controller. With those tires (23.5") even with a stock 12.44:1 gearbox, you should be able to hit almost 30mph

gem wheels are 0 off set . If you have -25mm offset you need to buy 25mm wheel spacers . easy almost everyone has to .

Thanks Mike. That’s why I had those numbers stuck in my head. doh.

you were correct -38mm is common offset, i think mine are . 38mm = 1 1/2" which is size of adapters i used . You can buy 0 offset wheels on Ebay if you don’t like R4F wheels

Gentlemen, So the -25 offset extended the wheel beyond the rear fender and per the spacer company I spoke with, the spacer would only push the wheel out further. So, my question is should I be looking for a 14 x 7 or a 14 x 6 with a ZERO offset. Would love to find some white wheels with a red accent to match the Gem colors. Also, for the tires, 175/ 65 R14, let me know what you think and if you know any specific wheel companies besides R4F. Thank you guys very much.


I purchased a set of 14” Cragar SS wheels from Jegs which had a 0 offset. They came with tires already mounted. Bolted right on with no spacers. Perfect fit.

Great to hear and thank you. We’re they 14 x 7 or 14 x 6? Also, what size tires were on the wheels.

Thank you very much, appreciate the wheel info