Aftermarket Wheels and Tires

Hello Everyone - I’m now looking to replace the old white 12" rims that come standard with hub caps from GEM with some nice aluminum/chrome wheels and tires. I’ve done some reading from this site and other places to know that you can go up 24" diameter (size of wheel and tire included) with zero “0” offset. Does anybody have any input on options while using 12 or 13" Rims. This cart will be used primarily for driving around on property, so i’ll most likely go with some sort of turf tire. It’s a little confusing when dealing with “offset” and lug patern. Any help will be appreciated.

I’ve seen what Ride-4-Fun has to offer - I’ve purchased motors from them for my GEM cars, but not sold on the price and style of their wheel/tire offering.

I just replaced my wheels with some from No Limit Wheels (Custom ATV/UTV Wheels and Rims | No Limit Wheels - No Limit Offroad). They have 12" and 14" wheels (the 6" wide wheels are 3:3, or 0 offset) that are available with a golf cart bolt pattern (that is what I got and they fit my GEM car). They are not cheap, but they are nice. Just be warned that the colors on their web site are not accurate. I ended up having mine sand blasted and re-powder coated.


Thanks for the help Ross! Very much appreciated! Joe

I have some sweet tires and rims I just took off my gem car they were 3000 for the tires and rims I’m will to take a 1000

I’m in Orange County calif

I was in the same position a while back. Everywhere I looked I found contradicting information about bolt pattern and offset. I decided to measure it myself. I’m pretty sure the bolt pattern is 4 on 4” and not the metric measurement. Can’t remember for sure but I think it was 4 on 100mm that some people were using. I also determined that a 0 offset would work best because that’s what the factory wheels were. Most of the wheels that I was looking at required the use of a spacer which I did not want to use. In the end I wound up purchasing four 14” Cragat SS wheels from Jegs that fit perfect with no modifications. Little expensive but you can usually find some type of discount code to use when checking out on their web site. Sign up on their email list and they will most likely send some type of code for new customers.

Ok winter project is looking for wheels and rims for my 2002 4 seater. Where should I look and what are my parameters. I currently have stock 12 on my cart. Not looking to break the bank but I have a few months to figure this out. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

My 2002 had/has 10mm studs and most 4 lug wheels want 12mm. I did a NEV Accessories front disc brake upgrade which got me 12mm in front and wheels/tires from an old 2001 Prius fit nicely. I still have the adapters on the front and hope to mount those on the rear to get me 12mm back there. The disc brake adapters were for moving the non-offset GEM wheels out far enough to clear the disc brake calipers but standard car wheels are offset so shouldn’t be needed in the front any more.

hahaha, not even my 35´s BFG´s with wheels are that expensive NEW…LMAO