Gem Wheels- I have some Questions


I just ordered some Wheels and tires. Pro-Fit 14" Black Mamba’s with 215/35r14 tires. Putting them on a 2001 4 Seat Gem.

They come with standard lug nuts.

Research points to needing metric, and possibly some wheels spacers. I know the bolt pattern is slightly different. But another gem owner told me they fit bolt pattern wise.

What else might I need? I know…Perhaps this should have been addressed before ordering. In my defense it was the last set, and was a great deal so I figured I’d make them work…hopefully.:joy: $375 delivered.

Big Q’s:
-Are the Lug nuts metric or standard on gems?
-Do I need spacers?
-Will I need to lift the rear fender?

Thanks in advance gents. Any input appreciated.

The wheels you bought are for Club Car, EZGo etc.

Golf cart wheels usually have offset different from GEM. They usually provide a wide stance and don’t work on a GEM. They may mount but they make a GEM wander and uncontrollable. Very dangerous.Experience talking.

Strongly suggest you return them and reorder proper GEM fit wheels.


Seems they should be ok. If stock is zero offset 4x4 then these are within a 1/2".
I get confused on which way is which, but either removing stock spacer or adding a spacer should work.

They are good looking though

They use a metric lug nut. I believe its M12x1.5 but you need to verify. A standard will start by finger but will only go on about 1.5 turns then it will cross thread. The studs are a PITA to locate and change. Verify the correct lug nuts… SPEAKING FROM EXPERIENCE…Almost everyone in here has used every possible 4x100, 4x4 car wheel or cart wheel combo. Trust the recommendations or you will get to do it again…

Alright. Finally got them bolted up. After some experimenting…The older gem uses a m10 1.5 lug nut.

Such as part number by ITP- ALUG17BX.

Lost 2 mph on GPS with the lower profile tires. I’ll be ordering some taller ones in the future. Happy w/ the results.

In stead of changing tires , reprogram the computer to reflect the diameter you have on the car. IMHO 21 inch diameter is the optimum tire size. Why?

1 RFF motors have the RPM capability to give you 40 MPH with a 10.35 gearbox.

2 It looks good and puts all the torque on the ground. Every inch larger tire reduces acceleration a significant amount.

3 Braking is optimum - its safer.

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Hey Rodney. Sorry for late response.

I wish I knew how to reprogram my computer. I’m able to pull machanical parts, but anything computer related, or more than simple electrical. I’d do more harm than good.

I can’t find much info on the subject that I can comprehend, lol.

I have a 2014 e2. I converted mine to 17" car wheels using 205/40r17 tires giving me 23.4" of height. In my case, I needed adapters going from 4 x 4" to 4 x 100mm that were 38mm thick. This took the wheels with a 38mm offset back to zero that is needed for a GEM. You may lose some acceleration, but the motor turns with less rpm as the world is whirring by. I changed @lnwo model magic spoof to give me the correct speedometer by using jumpers 2 and 3.

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