GEM Wheels (4x4? same as EZGo?)

Looking to upgrade to new tires/rims… so hard to find anything on GEM, but it looks like if you find to fit EZGO or Club Car, then they are the same… what about lug nuts? any help is appreciated.

Be CAREFUL. Most Club Car and EZ wheels are deep dish. The offset is different. Using a deep dish wheel is downright dangerous on a GEM. The car becomes dodgy and uncontrollable. Use ONLY the wheels with proper offset for GEM cars.

What Ian the right offsite and lug size for a gem? Sorry for the newbie question. I tried to follow the other threads buts walked away still not totally sure.

Glad you are now on this Forum. There are allot of guys here that will help you. M12*1.5 is the correct sized lug nut for the gem. I used the black locking tuner lug nuts from auto zone. I am not sure what will come with the wheels you ordered but I know these fit. I had to replace allot of mine when incorrect ones were used.

Like I mentioned on FB, I have the same wheels you are looking at. I can check if the offset is stamped on the wheel tomorrow.

Several of us have converted to car rims. To do this, you will need an adapter 4 on 4" (GEM side) to 4 on 100 mm (car side). Be careful, as people will want to sell you 4x100 to 4x100 and you will not be happy.
I am running 17" rims now. You need to make sure the offset of the new rims matches the thickness of the adapter. Mine are 38 mm.