14" Wheels and tires

I am rather new to the board, and have learned quite a bit from reading through the site so far. Thank you!

I have an '02 E825 with the 10" wheels. I have purchased a set of 14" rims (4x100, offset of 45) with plans of painting them. I understand that I will need spacers, thinking 2" on each wheel.

After reading through several posts, I am unsure of what has been finally recommended as far as the lugs. Are the GEMs 4x4 lugs? Is 4x4 really 4x101.6? Do I or do I not need to adapt to 4x100? If so, please advise on where to purchase.

As far as tires, seems that 23.25" is the maximum diameter. Any recommendations on tire sizes?

Thank you for your advise and patience!

the 4x100’s that I have on mine are off by ever so much… So I do not believe they are truly 4x100…

Issaquah - Do the 4x100 rims work? I am trying to keep costs low…looks like 4x4 to 4x100 2" spacers are quite a bit more than just using 4x4 2" spacers. But if it a real problem, it may be a project to move to next spring as I just got the GEM a few weeks ago.

I don’t seem to be having any issues other than the fact that I had to be really careful in centering them and evenly tightening the lug nuts. Hopefully others will weigh in but I figured with a tapered nut and being able to get them on evenly did not seem to be a big deal.

My 2008 and 2008 are both 4X4.
Golf cart wheels that I ordered are also 4X4.

Using bad information, I ordered wheel spacers that are 4X100.

Just went out in the garage, fit and measured stock wheels, golf cart wheels, and spacers.

Still use stock lugs, as they always come wrong.:frowning:

Here a tip on wheels. Keep the wheels as close to the center of the car as possible without hitting anything underneath when you turn. Golf Cart wide wheels sticking way out on a GEM will give you an ill handling wandering bear. Only install a spacer wide enough to prevent tire from hitting anything underneath.

Wheel size in unimportant. Tire diameter is. Standard tire diameter for the 12 inch Gem wheel is 21 and 1/2 inches. 14 inch rims with low profile tires are between 21 and 22 inches THIS IS GOOD. Larger diameter tires on wide rims lead to clearance problems. The one good thing going for larger diameter tires is they will compensate somewhat for efficiency problems if you have a 12.44 gearbox.