Gem Wheel Offsets

Gem Noob, picked up a 2002 4 seater in pretty good shape with new batteries and a little over 3k miles on it. First order of business was order a MM. 2nd is tires, they look like the original tires and one already went flat. Looking to put 14s on it. I’ve read on here that the wheels need to be Zero Offset. I’ve looked at the wheel combos on Ride4Fun, but geez a set of 4 is over $1,000! I found a 14" wheel I like better and considerably cheaper on Amazon made by Modz for golf carts, but they’re -25 Offset. Is there a way to make those work? What I found out is the 25 is 25mm, which is close to 1 inch, and minus means more of the wheel will protrude to the outside. Will they stick out too far and cause turning problems? Or do I have to take out a loan and buy the Ride4Fun’s? Already had to take out a loan to buy groceries this week🤑 Sorry, I’m cheap.

14" rims have less air cushion, this will make the already terrible ride of an 02 even worse
The overall height of the tire/ rim combo can change the torque/speed

Look for golfcart tires/rims anything with a 4 x 100 bolt pattern will bolt up, you can add spacers should there be clearance problems
Look at the clearance of your stock rims which are 6" wide, 0 offset means centered, replacing with 8" wide 0 offset are already 1" closer to the frame, would another 1"[25mm] cause interference?

Thanks Garthhh. From what I read, the wheels I’m looking at are MINUS 25 offset. Doesn’t Minus offset mean the wheel will be more to the outside of the vehicle? If so, spacers wouldn’t be necessary, a spacer would only make the wheel stick out farther? I appreciate the tip about a harsher ride with 14"s, the Ride4Fun’s advertising makes it sound like the ride will improve. I may just put new tires on the original wheels, the stock hubcaps are in excellent condition.

25 offset is 1"
Crank the wheel & check clearance of your stock wheels, is it less than 1"?
How much wider are the replacement tire/rim combo? Subtract 1/2 of that from the clearance

minus 25 means they are pulled in 25mm. just get 25mm spacers and you are good to go

I’m confused, doesn’t minus offset make a wheel stick farther out from the hub? Then putting in a spacer would make it stick out even farther?