Ebay Wheels and Tires

Hello. I found a set of wheels and tires on Ebay that I like a lot. The only issue is they are 3-4 offset. Will those go right on without an issue? I was told in another post I may need adapters on the 3-4’s but the 3-3 (0) are consider stock offset. Also, does my 2013 Gem have metric (12x1.5) lug nuts, or American thread? Thanks!

I am bad that these calculations so hopefully @grantwest will jump in here but I think that will give you a (3-4) -25 offset, so you might need a 1" spacer to make them work.

Is it these by chance?

Thoes SS style wheels seem to have a Zero offset and don’t require a spacer. I know the ones Innovation used to sell like hot cakes and NOW ride for fun is selling are the SS wheels that are Zero offset.

The ones I run are 17’s with a 28-33 mm offset and require a 1-1/2 spacer in the rear

Ok, so I’m assuming the 3-4 offset means the wheel is offset so that it’s closer to the car thus needing a spacer to make it come out away from the car more? That would be 3 on the inside and 4 on the outside? Wouldn’t using spacers require a longer wheel stud too?

These are the wheels

A 3-4 offset should fit without a spacer. It means the rim will sit 1 inch further out. If it was a 4-3 then you would probably need a spacer.