Aftermarket Wheels and tires for 2019

Anyone know any aftermarket wheels and tires for 2019 gem e2

I put these 17" on my 16’ should be the same as a 19’

Thanks for the pics .any chance u can give me tire size and offset or the link to order the wheels. Thanks again.

Mine are 205/40/17 - 17" wheels obviously +38 offset

You can pick any wheels you want off ebay with a 4x114 bolt pattern and +38 offset

2" spacers on the back - 1.5" on the front and everything fits perfect.

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Mike is Correct.
All wheels have a Slightly different offset.
Most are 35-40 Mm offset. So depending on what offset you get it will determine what size spacers you need.

The best advice is to either buy the exact same spacer and wheel offset Either mike or myself has OR
Purchase your own wheels. Then take The stock wheel off your gem and place the new wheel On that car And position the wheel where it’s NOT rubbing on any suspension pieces And THEN take a measurement of the space between the wheel and the hub. This will tell you exactly what size spacers you need. The spacer you need for the Rear is bigger then the spacer you need for the front

Thank you for your help. Thanks for the link on the 2 in spacer. Cant find the front 1.5 inch any chance you could send me that link. Greatly appreciated. Then I’m set.

Awesome thanks again