2016 Gem E4 aftermarket rims & tires

Can anyone post pictures of aftermarket rims and tires on there 2016 and newer Gem.
Trying to see what option is out there. Would like to go with a wider tire and taller rim. Do not like the stock ones.

I am working on the exact same thing right now. I will post up I what I find and hopefully we can work together on this

A simple search of the forum will get you all the information you need on this topic…

Mine are 205/40/17 - 17" wheels 38 offset

You can pick any wheels you want off ebay with a 4x114 bolt pattern and 38 offset

2" spacers on the back - 1.5" on the front and everything fits perfect.

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Thanks MikeKC

I text and called the number you put on the form for the guy you got yours from. Nothing yet.

I got mine from Ebay…
I think Grant posted someone he uses in Cali

I am trying to figure out rims and tires on my Gem. I notice there’s only 3/4 to 1” between the rear shock and tire (14” rim,165/70/14) now.

The rims I can by are 4x114.3 , 17 x 7.5 +30 offset.

Tires 205/40/17 ( how wide are these, 8” ? )

What spacers do I need ?

These are 17” x 7.5” +40 offset

Any advice would be appreciated.

Some other Food for thought. Some specialty lug nuts are needed let’s start with the Nuts you need to bolt the Adaptors to the stock hubs.

Because the factory gem uses (small 10mm studs) and the holes in the adaptors are for normal larger 12mm studs you need or should use a specialty lug nut that fills the larger hole and centers the Adaptor. The lug nuts look like this. image

The shoulder you see at the bottom of the lug nut fills the hole that the large adapter has.

Now with that said the lug nut in the photo is what I used. But I also cut the head off a bit so the lug nut doesn’t stick up past the face of the adaptor on the smaller front wheels. Pretty sure the lug nuts worked fine on the 2inch rear adaptors but they needed to get trimmed to work on the Fronts. If you have the factory GEM wheels you may be able to use the Factory lug nuts for your adaptors.

Ideally if we could find open top version of the black lug nut I posted that would be great but if you just wanna cut the head off if needed no big deal the nuts are 99c each at RockyMountainAtvmc.com
Part # 1884800001

The Wheels will require a standard Tuner Lug Nut. They are thin walled Nuts designed to work with wheels with a very small hole where traditional lug nuts and a socket will not work.

Here is a Example of what I have been Using.
$20 for a set. Make sure the adaptors your getting are using 12mm 1.25 pitch or just make sure the lug nuts match up with your adaptors pitch.

KSP 12mmx1.25 Black Tuner Wheel Lug Nuts Fit 350Z 370Z G35 G37,6-Spline Chorme Conical Acorn Seat with 1 Socket Key for 5 Lug Tires

I’m pretty sure most adaptor in that pattern use
A 12mm 1.25 pitch

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Keep track of that special tool !!!
I guess that can be said about any security lug and it’s mate.

The rims I can by are 4x114.3 , 17 x 7.5 +30 offset.

Tires 205/40/17

He said ( Grants guy ) they came with spacers and lugs. Ready to install. He has not respond to me yet to confirm the order.

I would assume he knows the spacer size to give me. I believe he said
1” for front and 1.5 for rear.

Grant I have the 14” stock rims ( I think they were a upgrade. Picture in post. Can I use these to attach the spacers? Or should I go your suggestion and buy the


Can someone please give me a link for the spacer I need. There is a lot of different ones.

If Mikekc or grantwest
can tell me what they have. I believe I will buy several sizes
1”, 1.5” and 2” to make sure I can get them to fit. I think I’m dealing with somewhere between +30 to + 40 offset. Finding rims that Are in stock is getting to be a challenge.

As I stated before spacers will be dependent on offset and tire width.
As stated before, Find a tire calculator and find out how wide your tires will be ( 205/40/17 is 8.1") and then calculate your offset and try and determine your spacer size.

Here is a link to a 1.5" spacer.

Do not assume the spacers that come with your wheels are gonna be the correct ones.

Example classic gems all use pretty much the same spacer for Tuner Wheels with a 40-38 mm offset. But newer gems are a different set up and even lug pattern then Classic gems.

I don’t know anyone that’s got a “everything you need kit” I would say that it’s gonna take a few different spacers to get you dialed in, so
Just know that going into this project and you will be fine. If you think your gonna just get a set of wheels in the Mail and they are gonna bolt right up then your gonna be disappointed. Because all wheels and tires are just a tad bit bigger & or smaller or the offset may be bigger or smaller from wheel to wheel, it would be very hard to guess each combo every time.
I ordered a few different size spacers to have on hand to move the wheel in and out.

And here is a bit more wheel spacer triva. On my 2016 E4 on the Passenger side Rear.
The after market wheel bolted right up with a 1-1/2 inch spacer. But for some reason, the drivers side wheel made contact just ever so slightly with the shock. So I needed a 1/4 additional spacer on Just the drivers side.
Amazon has Spacer Kits with a random assortment of smaller spacers to shim or adjust your wheels. Here is a Example

I realize that wheels with a 0 offset may Not be a sensitive with spacers and clearance but I wanted my wheels to “tuck in” as much as possible.

Bottom line just go into this project with eyes wide open it’s not rocket Science but it’s not a simple “buy now” and your done project. You May have to do a bit of (Hot Rodding 101) or order a nut/bolt/spacer that you didn’t know you needed.

If you start off with a thicker spacer and find that you need a bit cut off send them to me and I can trim them for you.

As long as it has enough meat on it and doesn’t affect the integrity of the piece.

Thanks guys

I will order several different sizes of spacers so I can make sure I have what I need. I appreciate all the input. I am sure everything will work out.

The links help.

Thanks Tony B

AssyRequired: your the Man!
Hey that reminds me. I need to install the Rubber Bumpers you sent me. It’s Smokey here in california so Im gonna do that project right now. Sorry for the delay.

I’ll take some photos of my Spacers to give you a Idea. But Remember what spacers I and am using May not work for you. I have 17x9 wheels with a 38 MM offset

25mm on the Front

45 MM on the Rear
And this is just to give you a Idea how much the wheels stick out past the fenders

And to give you a Idea of the clearance between my shock and the wheel

And believe it or not the rear is even closer!!!

So I think at this point you get my drift depending on the off set of your wheel you may have a inch or a thickness of a hair.