Larger Rims On Gem From Automobile?

It appears that Toyota, Honda, Mazda, etc all had a 4x100 rim size over the years. Here are a few questions I have…
[li]What is the recommended rim size for a Gem?
[/li][li]Is 14" to tall for a stock Gem?
[/li][li]Has anyone used 4x100 automobile rims on their gem?
[/li][li]And if so, what type of car were they from and what rims size?

I have seen members use Honda Civic 14" wheels on their GEM. You must confirm proper clearance because no tire dealer will take back tires that have been mounted. If the tires are taller, speedometer error will occur but can be corrected with programming. Taller tires will also put more electrical load on the motor and controller.


LUV… I trust everything that Daniel says… I’ve changed my wheels… go faster and have had no problems that I have found… here is the post about what I did… I went to a tire and wheel place and had them try the combination that I wanted on the front then the rear… made sure the tires cleared the fenders… I was at a dealers yesterday… they had just put 14" wheels on an e4… won’t clear the rear spat… think the car should have had spacers on the wheels but they are building something to raise the fenders… new GEM dealer… be careful with changes


Note that the 2005 and newer GEM have a considerably tighter steering radius than the pre-2005. The rack and pinion used on 2005 and newer no longer have the plastic spacers inside the inner boots to restrict the turning radius. The difference is considerable and known to anyone who drives both older and newer GEMs. What this means to us is that newer GEM might not be able to accept the larger and wider tires as easily as the older GEMs may have.


I came across a set on CL that are 4x100 15". I am not sure if this will be to tall.
I know the rear fender is gonna require a bit of modification no matter what size I go. The 10" wheel just fit under them.

[QUOTE=LuvMyTJ;12999]I came across a set on CL that are 4x100 15". I am not sure if this will be to tall.
I know the rear fender is gonna require a bit of modification no matter what size I go. The 10" wheel just fit under them.[/QUOTE]

Brent… I would see if you can try a wheel before buying… is the listing close enough to drive to with a wrench and jack? are you just buying the wheels or tries and wheels… I believe Marlin has a lift kit to raise the rear fenders… I put 14" that fit an '02 Civic on my eS… have plenty of clearence… my friends at Innovation Motorsports put 16" wheels on most of their cars don’t know what they do about the problem but I can ask


my tire is a P185/65R-14… I used this link to find the right tire
Tire Size Calculator - tire & wheel plus sizing

the 175 gave a 23" dia and the one I picked 185 gave me 23-1/2"


Unfortunately they are not close enough to drive the Gem to. They are 4x100 aluminum rims with worn out 195/60R15 tires. Maybe if the person is trusting they would let me take one rim to try it. Only asking $125 for the set!

or like me… you can start a GEM parts/mistakes area in your garage…


I am more concerned about the rim being either to tall to clear, or will make it so the car has no low end power due to the larger diameter.

I think you are going to have to make the leap of faith and try them… maybe the seller would let you rent one for a couple of days… or find a used tire shop who would take an interest in your car and will invest some time in trying different things… I have a garage that is willing to learn about the GEM car… maybe in hopes of finding more cars or just likes the extra interest by folks who see the car and stop to ask about it…


Luv gemcarparts state you can put 14’ on your GEM.

[I][I]Luv gemcarparts state you can put 14’ on your GEM[/I][/I]

call Lee at 888-677-4961 at gemcarparts

Marlon, I dont want to hi-jack this thread but I cant seem to IM you. I am interested in your services for lifting the back “fender” and maybe controller re-programming.


Well I finally pulled the trigger on a set of tires & rims. I got a set of alloy rims with some 205/45 16 tires mounted. When I get a chance sometime in the next week or so I will pull the Gem out of storage and see how they fit and if I will need to deal with spacers (I am assuming I will). I will also have to see exactly what is involved with raising the rear fenders too.

I found a really useful chart that gives you the all important tire height of many popular tire sizes. GEM’s don’t like anything larger than 23.5". See it here… TIre Height Chart

Looks like I will have to get in touch with Marlon to do a little of his programing magic.

we will want to see pictures… with the 23.5 wheels and no other changes you should be able to run at 27-29mph


Well I had a chance to start on the mods I have planned. Here are the new 16" rims mounted. I still have to lift the rear fenders, etc.
I hope to find some time soon to do more.

Brian they look good… a big step up? litterly

did a little editing on the photo as my monitor is real dark… rear fenders look real close… do the tires turn?

It is much higher which I like & it turns as it should although I did trim a bit of the inner fenders. I don’t think a 2005 or newer would of needed this trimming, just the older versions. The rear fenders are just sitting there for the photo. I need to make a lift for them. Since the fenders are fixed to the trailing arm I just need them slightly higher than the tires.

I am running 17" rims with a very low profile tire. I had to remove the rear spat totally. I made a quick Stainless steel battery cover. I also had to use a 3/16 spacer. THis increased my top speed dramatically and did hurt acceleration very very slightly. I have not noticed the rough ride some people on here mention. My calculations on the overall ride height of 15" rimes with a 245/45 was fine. I did the same thing, bought them on CL and took the chance. I am not sure if I will keep the 17’s or punt them off. I will plastic dip them before I decide. BTW I am in an E4