New shoes happy dance

Guess what? 17" Mazda MX-5 / Miata rims fit right up. (with a 4" lift mind you)
I found a set locally at $220. I really wanted gunmetal and these are black but the price was highly motivating.
My old 15" ones were a bit rough and the tires were extraordinary bad. I tried to get some new ones but getting thinner sidewalls wasn’t possible so the next best option is to get a bigger rim.

Grant, you are the Stormtrooper to my Darth Vadar.

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Did you need spacers on any of the wheels?

The interwebs say the MX-5 / Miata rims are 4 x 100mm w/ 40mm offset, so I’m thoroughly confused because I see some posts / places saying 4-lug GEM rims are 4 x 4" w/ 0 offset…

yep. I have mad, huge spacers. If I recall 2" on the rear and 1 or 1 1/2" on the front. I think @Old_Houseboater said that the front and rear need to be slightly different for proper tracking. I hate poor fitment so getting things as close to right as possible is a wallet strain.

I also drink a lot so many things get fuzzy.

Thanks, appreciate the info.

I’m not a big fan of the stock 12" solid pizza cutters mine came with - not so much about looks, but rather too much sidewall and sway. I have a friend who owns a tire shop, but I’m still trying to figure out what size to ask him to look for.

I went to tire shop here last week. It was a shitshow.

him: “what is that?”

me: “a GEM.”

him: “is that like the nickname?”

me: “no its the name. Polaris, Global and Chrysler made them.”


me: exit stage left


My friend keeps trying to get me to put spinners on mine.

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I sent the above pic to some of my bosses/friends and got this back.


I’m not sure they share my enthusiasm.

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Did you gain much speed with the taller tires?

My previous wheels and tire combo was very close in total circumference. I had 15" rims with super tall 128/60/15 tires.
My reason for doing the upgrade was simply nicer looking rims and lower profile tires. I wasn’t able to find anything super-low profile for my 15s.
So no, no speed gain really. SkiTracks said I was doing 35mph yesterday and 38mph after the swap, but I may have taken a different route with a longer run.

They look great what was the cost of your total wheels and tires and spacers

$220 bucks for the used rims and tires.

Spacers I already had on there. If I recall it was 40$ for the front and 40$ for the rear.

If you have an older GEM (or Jim LOL), you will miss that sidewall flex. Especially if you have lithium batteries and lose the 400lbs. I love the look of my lopro tires, but it rides like a lumber wagon. Fortunately, my community is obsessive about road maintenance so its tolerable.

^^^^ Agreed. The Lo Profile tires give a harsh ride. If you live on a washboard road I recommend 16’s with a taller side wall.

My new 2016 Gem has HUGE side walls and the car rides and handles like a Caddy. Big smushy side to side roll and ride

Yeah, mines been like that since day one. I never drove it with the stock rims and tires so it’s the only thing I know.
New rim/tire combo feels the same as the old one. Much harder to lockup the wheels for a spirited stop now too. Actually having tread is the reason for that I’m betting.

I should probably put a gauge on the tires and check air pressure. I may have had 60pds in my old tires for all I know.

I have a lead bottom 2 seater with stock 12" wheels and it rides like a damn Cadilac compared to my lithium 4 seater on lopros. Every time I jump in that car I start thinking about making the air shocks I bought work. I’ve tried running the air pressure all the way down to a few pounds and it doesn’t make a bit of difference. The car is too light and the sidewalls too non-existent to have any effect.
Oh well, I’d rather look and feel cool than be comfortable I guess. LOL

Semi seats?

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There you have it. We just need air seats. LOL

My '02 long back already rides like a piledriver even with lead batteries. I guess maybe I should think about checking the tire pressure someday… lol

I’m in California, we don’t maintain our roads, we just wait for the earthquakes to shake them up a bit and move the potholes around.

Funny, I was going to sugguest the air cushion truck seats too for a 4 seater where someone isn’t afraid of cutting and rebuilding the fiberglass.

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I’d love to try an aftermarket universal shock/spring but it’s a 3k investment, minimum. These look like a perfect solution but ooooof, the price tag.

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Could always get hydraulic suspension and see how high you can get the front to hop. Should be easy for a lithium pack car.