What type of controller do I have? T2/T3/T4?

I was struggling to find out which controller I had on my 2005 GEM.
I searched and searched and looked all over the controller and even debated taking it off.

I ended up taking a picture of it and putting the first few characters of the catalog into Google. Once I started getting hits on that I found the GE manual download page. On that page I then did a page search adding extra characters until I got to the last two. I am surmising from this that mine is a T3? (see pic).
It doesn’t look like a rubbed off t honestly but according to the manuals there are no more options. it seems like a T3 due to the manufacture date.

2005 carts had a T3 controller. This was a 1 year deal. If you need to have ny service replace it with a T4.

T3 does not have a MIN FIELD CURRENT setting so it cannot be hot rodded beyond 30 Miles Per Hour.

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sweet. Good info, thanks!

in 2005 they had different software in T3 controllers if car was sold with 10 inch tires or 12 inch

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Looks like you will be breaking new ground. I see no reason you won’t see 40mph with 100 volts and mm.
Of course you may just as easily see smoke. :slight_smile:

I’m all about pushing the limits. I may have accidentally picked up some used 15" rims too. :joy::fire::dash:

I plan on just doing a tiny test this weekend hopfully.

@Gem_e2 what is the difference in programing?!? I have a t3 programmer and the t3 manual does not match what the programmer is reading

Hi Ljtoro
difference are rpm in software,big tire or small tire on the car
on newer cars with T4 they adjust that in controller settings 13
look outside your controller for yellow round label
S for small tires and L for large tires
or with your programmer look for software GL 7L are 10" tire
and GL 8L for 12" tire

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