OK which motor controller?

So I am building up the parts 2005 and the running one has a T3 controller, the 2002 has a T1 controller, which is compatible with what and is the preference if having to buy one? I plan to do the R4F motor and reprogramming but not sure if a T2 would work or if needs to be a T3? I know Rodney will have the answer but thought I would make a thread for future people like me who are trying to understand what works with what.

I did try a search for the specific question but did not find anything quite what I was trying to understand so if there is one please beat me senseless and point me in the right direction.

T1, T2 cover carts built thru 2004. T3 is 2005 and T4 is 2006 uo

T3 T4 T5 family is Not interchangable with the T1 T2 series

To Hot Rod the T3 up series you need a Magic Magnet (electronic) or a Hi Speed Hardware magnet

to trick the controller speed limiter and allow increased performance

so my question to you would be if you were to buy a controller for an 05 which one would you want knowing that it will have to go to R4F for programming.

T4 is really the only choice.


You need to know what Gearbox your going to use and tire diameter. Are on on the flats or in the hills.

as for the performance, availability or just overall best model? Sorry just trying to understand what I am looking for and why so I can get the right part for the job.

the T4’s seem to be hard to find, I can find T3’s but don’t want to buy one if it will not be sufficient for the car. I live in a VERY hilly neighborhood. I will be doing the R4F motor and tuning.

Bringing this back from the dead… Trying to install a t4 controller onto a 2005 gem. I understand that I need a parking brake jumper wire from pin 13 but where does it go to?

Ok from what I see it looks like it just needs to terminate to the controller negative to complete the signal.

Did you buy a T4 I installed a Alltrax controller on my 05. Had to jump some pins around a but I like it. Also can’t use the dash display with my set up but I didn’t mind. I can use a Exray for speed ect.