The need for speed

I have a 2005 Gem with a bad controller. I would like to do a speed upgrade (at least 35) while I am at it. What seems to be working well. I see guys that offer to rebuild controllers and 7.5hp motors. Already have 195-14 tires and wheels and from what I read 10.35 : 1 gears. Has anyone had any luck at this?
Thanks for any help.

Which controller?

What problem?

T3 and I am pretty sure it is toast. I followed the flow chart in the service manual pretty close. I am just looking for folks that have made this up grade to get their opinion of the results.

Yeah - as long as your controller is bad any way upgrade to a T4. The T3 is pretty limited.

For 35MPH you will have to up grade your motor to a RFF. motor.

At 35 MPH with your setup you will be turning 5500+ RPM. A stock motor doesn’t like over 5000 RPM for very long. If you stay at 30 MPH it should live forever.

Thanks for the post. Is it a big deal to change to a T4. And point me toward an RFF motor that is new to me. Was looking at a blue motor but!

DandD builds Ride for Fun And MZ Motor Sports (Blue and Black) motors.

What is an RFF motor. is The D&D motor a good setup.

Ride For Fun is the dealer D&D is the manufacturer

What is involved in changing from the T3 to a T4 controller. Are they a direct replacement

I think there is someone in FL that can flash program the T4. Any Idea who it is?

To what effect? Correct speedometer?

I’m looking for a junk T3 if you end up with one.

My 2010 5hp 12/1 EL runs 35mph with 24" tires and MM. Lead and T4.

Motor may not last. Not an issue for me.
Can’t be worse than running 100 volts in my E4 7hp.:slight_smile:

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Not sure about the T3 vs T4 issue, just trying to learn a little. I was told that the T4 could replace the T3 and had more turning chooses and understand I don’t know this for sure that is why I am asking you guys.:noidea:

I believe you are correct, that’s why I’d like to have a T3. To look for work arounds.

Some have issues with speed.

Some not.

if you not get over 29 did you try to change software in your T3 ?
try to change from GL7L to GL8L

An explanation on how to do that might be a good idea. Also a reason why.

This is new information not posted before. Educate us as to what this is and how it might help us please.


Is it available?

I can program a t4 to do what ever you would like .

The man to see and he’s in Florida… very reasonable fee.