I need a T4 controller!

I was wondering if someone might have a controller laying around that I could take off their hands.

i have one . t4 works perfect . has a high performance tune in it . $400. plus shipping

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That’s a good deal on a T-4 if you need one

I ask him if he takes PayPal, but i didn’t receive a response! I’m wanting it badly. lol

Do you still have the T4 Controller for sale

Thanks: Don

not that one but i believe I have another one . wii check when back in town

Thanks, looking forward to visiting with the also on a lithium upgrade from lead acid

Thanks again

I am back in town. I do have a T4 controller. Need to put it on the bench and check it out. Also if you want a custom program I will need some info on your gem and what you would like to do. Did your old one go bad?

Thanks Michael
I have a Gem 2005 e2. I am wanting to swap my T3 controller to a T4. I have read a post by @Ljtoro where with some help from you and a couple other guys where he did swap it out in his 2005 Gem.
I have the Ride-4-Fun 7.5 motor and larger tires updated about 10 years ago. The only question I have that was not very clear was the software version on the T4 controller, it had the latest version GL5Q, not the older version GL4J.
As for a custom setup in the controller: Regen shut off, my GPS shows the Gem going 2-1/2 times faster than the mph on the Gem digital readout.
I had to replaced my Delta-Q charger, I had E-Drives install ALG 126 & 42 for the VMAX MB137 120AH AGM batteries.
Do you have any suggestion for more tweaks on the controller, I understand when I go to the Lithium upgrade you will need to update my Delta-Q charger.


Here is the T3 controller settings as of now. You can see also I had a #42 fault, turned off key waited 15 minutes it went away, the controller felt cool to the touch, but the motor was so hot you couldn’t touch it, was the hottest day of this year. Nothing since.