GEM T4 Controller For Sale - $400

This is a used T4 GEM controller pulled from a 2011 GEM. I bought it for my 2005 thinking to swap this for the stock T3 but it threw a 04 error code, (hand brake engaged) and I could not find the right jumper combination to make it work, Should be fine for 2006 and newer 72v models. $400 plus shipping - Money back guarantee.

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Do you still have it?

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It’s available in where I work. Price range is a bit higher

Where is that and how much?

Price? And can i see some pictures?

If you’re interested in getting the T4 to work in place of the original T3, I have the full instructions, you will need a short wire with a crimped pin to insert into the 26 pin that plugs into the GE controller.
I have a rebuilt T4 in the box never used from FSIP, the other one mentioned here is much cheaper than mine would be, believe me he’s asking a very fair price, considering a new one or the rebuilds from FSIP